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Jolene will travel to your barn for clinics!  Clinics are a great way to stay motivated and learn.  Jolene works will all levels of riders and horses.  Even if you work regularly with a trainer sometimes hearing something explained in a brand new way might just be that light bulb moment we all look for.  Clinicians need to quickly asses how they can help a horse and rider team the most in the 45 minutes they have with that team.  Jolene listens closely to what the rider hopes to achieve and then focuses on what needs to be worked on to achieve that.  Sometimes that means fixing the foundation first!  Riders walk away from a lesson with Jolene feeling like they have learned something new and they have homework to work on for the next time.  Jolene is very good at making riders feel comfortable and making lessons fun!  Contact Jolene today for prices and availability.  

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